Work Experience     

Keysight Technologies

High Speed Digital Electrical Engineering Intern

June 2022 - August 2022

In the first half of my internship, I developed video tutorials regarding the use of HPC Cloud in Advanced Digital Systems (ADS). I promote the efficiency and accuracy of EM testing tools within HPC Cloud. In the process, I ran RF filter, Transmission line, and Signal and Power Integrity simulations in ADS and edit and create Webinar and promotional videos regarding new High Speed Digital products in Camtasia.  

In the second half of my internship, I created a Python script to automate the Signal Integrity tool SIPro in ADS. When customers have large simulations, it is tiresome to set up and run similar simulations on various frequency ranges. Therefore, I developed a script that allows users to create, run, and queue Signal Integrity simulations all from the command terminal of their computer.  

Below are three videos I created and voiced over during my internship. 

Introduction to Electronics Class

Lab Assistant

December 2020 - May 2021

In my first semester of college, I took Introduction to Electronics, a class that dealt with the basics of breadboard circuitry. I enjoyed the class a lot and decided to become a lab assistant for the class in the following semester. As the lab assistant, I checked up on different groups and made sure they were on track to finishing the labs in the time allocated. Regardless of whether students had questions about general concepts or specific properties of a component, I was there to guide and advise them. Their final project was creating a solar-powered car that walked a straight line. Using my previous knowledge, I was able to guide them in using Zener diodes, photoresistors, Bipolar Junction transistors, and Schmitt triggers, to achieve this goal. This experience made me recognize how much I enjoyed hands-on work and design and it also strengthened my core concepts, as I often retaught them and refreshed my memory during the class. 

Probability Lessons

A chapter I prepared for a Precalculus tutee (click top right to enlarge)

Private Tutoring

Math, SAT, English Tutor

June 2019 -August 2021

I got into tutoring during my senior year because I had spare time since I had finished my standardized testing and several AP classes known to cause suffering. Having built a strong foundation in Calculus BC the year before, I decided to advertise tutoring services for mathematics at first and eventually extended it to SAT prep and SAT Mathematics and Physics Subject tests. Soon enough, private tutoring became a daily part of my life. At my busiest point, I was tutoring 5 students for 11 hours a week. During my sessions, I go over and help with the students' homework, create problem sets on every lesson, review ideas the student is struggling on, write out problems step by step, ensure that the student has a good conceptual foundation, supplement timed quizzes to prepare for class exams, and teach the projected curriculum during school breaks, giving them a head start. I also give them advice on coursework and balancing work with fun, acting like a source of emotional comfort whenever necessary. It is always satisfying to see them succeed, whether it is as small as conquering a single math problem or as large as getting 100% on their final. 

Galileo Summer Camp

Extended Care Intern

June 2021 - August 2021

Because of my experience with children, noted in Volunteering, I decided to apply for a position in Galileo Summer Camp, a STEM-based camp for pre-K up to 8th grade. As an Extended Care Intern, I help gather and prep materials, teach the curriculum, enforce safety, and entertain the children during the regular school hours. After 3 pm, extended care begins, and I lead the children in activities and arts and crafts designed to enhance innovation.