Director of Corporate Affairs

January - May 2022 (Director of Corporate Affairs)

August 2021 - present (member)

HKN is the National Electrical and Computer Engineering Honors Society, a society dedicated to serving the Electrical and Computer Engineering community in their respective schools. Currently, I lead the resume review sessions, am the lead reviewer for several 300-level courses and all the 200 and 100-level courses, and create educational crash course videos for the HKN channel. 

During my time as the Director of Corporate Affairs, I invited recruiting tech companies for tech talks and hosted Hackathons for the general Electrical and Computer Engineering community. I also represented Eta Kappa Nu at networking events, such as career fair. 

Discrete Distributions video I created


Slides for a Semiconductor Review Session I led


Slides for a Probability Review Session I led


Worksheet I co-created for Probability Final Exam

Web Developer and Mental Health Chair

October 2021 - May 2022

The Provost Undergraduate Advisory Board is dedicated to providing direct feedback from the student body to the provost about policies and programs around campus. As the Mental Health Chair, I led discussions and came up with solutions with my fellow co-ambassadors about daily mental health, the counseling center, and issues due to Imposter Syndrome. 

As a web developer, I utilized Bootstrap and Wordpress to develop a comprehensive website for the board. 

Mentorship Lean-in Chair

August 2020 - May 2021

In my first year at university, I was part of the Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering student organization, whose focus is to empower and support women of similar majors and interests by providing technical and emotional resources. As part of its Mentorship Committee as a Lean-in Chair, I developed slides and held discussions every month about topics that aim to help improve lives, such as "how to maintain a healthy lifestyle" or "study skills to master." It was a great experience to talk about everyone's problems in an open manner during these "lean in" discussions.

"Balanced Lifestyle" Presentation for March Lean-in

Copy of Lean in 3/23