Electrical Engineering (Major) - Digital Systems Laboratory, IC Analysis and Design, Analog and Digital Signal Processing, Semiconductor Electronics, Fields and Waves

Physics (Minor) - Classical Mechanics, Quantum Computing, Astrophysics, Quantum Mechanics, E&M, Thermal Physics

In-class Projects - Pacman, Low Dropout Voltage Regulator, AC-DC Power Supply, Superheterodyne AM Receiver, FSM Logic for Vending Machine, Evolutionary Games Simulation

Tools - Python, LTSpice, Intel Quartus, SystemVerilog, Mathematica, Advanced Design Systems, C, Javascript

Industry Experiences - Keysight Technologies (Summer 2022 Intern), Texas Instruments (Summer 2023 Intern)

Leadership Experiences - Eta Kappa Nu, Electronics Undergraduate Assistant, Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Pacman (FPGA Style)

November - December 2022

In Digital Systems Laboratory, my partner and I created a Pacman game as our final project. We used a DE-10 Lite FPGA, NIOS II Processor, VGA Screen, and USB Keyboard. 

Simplified Pacman Lab Report

Low Dropout Regulator

November - December 2022

In Circuit Analysis Lab, I designed and soldered a Low Dropout Regulator that successfully took in a 110 V sine wave from a transformer and outputted 10 V. Components included a Zener diode, Op-Amp, and a BJT among other things.

Design Specifications

DC open circuit output voltage is roughly 9.5 V - 10 V

Open circuit output voltage stays within 2% of the desired voltage as AC line voltage varies from 115 Vrms to 125 Vrms. 

Ripple voltage at output is less than 2% of open circuit output DC voltage.

The output current can vary from 0 to 80 mA.

Block Diagram of Circuit

Completed Circuit

RFID Door Lock

January - May 2021

As an Introduction to Computing Honors project, my partners and I created a RFID Door Lock. 

Simplified RFID Door Lock Report

Physics Study Guide

December 2020 & May 2021

As a side project, I developed thorough notes with practice problems for my mechanics and E&M physics classes. 

PHYS 211 Notes Sample